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Erin Grall Has Over 1150 Petitions Verified - Enough to Qualify - Over a Year Ahead of the Deadline

First Candidate to Submit Enough Petitions to Qualify Showcases Robust and Committed Supporters and Volunteers

Today the Erin Grall For State House campaign announced the collection of over 1150 candidate petitions. This milestone is over a year ahead of the May 2016 deadline to qualify for the ballot by petition, and more than the 1,108 required.

Upon announcing this grassroots achievement, Erin Grall said, "Today's announcement is very exciting and a testament to the hard work of so many. I'm profoundly humbled by the outpouring of support for our conservative message and for my record of service to our community. As we move forward, we will continue to engage the community in our effort to bring principled problem solving to Tallahassee. One thing I've found in talking to so many is the overwhelming desire to elect people to think outside the box and bring small business accountability and results to government. I am that candidate for District 54, and today's achievement is another indication of that reality."


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