Synagogue victims acknowledged in Florida Senate

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (CAPITOL NEWS SERVICE) -- A Rabbi prayed for the victims shot in a San Diego Synagogue over the weekend to open Monday’s session of the State Senate. Senators stood for a moment of silence to honor those who were shot, but the Senate has bottled up a bill that would allow religious institutions to either hire armed guards or allow concealed carry during church services. House Sponsor Representative Erin Grall is asking the Senate to take action. “We all want to have the ability to not only protect ourselves but those that may be attacked while we are worshiping, and so I believe that is one of the few ways to stop somebody who looks to harm with a weapon like a gun, is to respond in kind,” said Grall. "And so that is the point of the bill and I am hopeful the Senate will see the real need for it. I believe we shouldn’t have a tragedy happen here in Florida before we make this good policy happen.” The legislation cleared the House on a vote of 79-35.


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