"I trust Erin Grall and her conservative credentials to protect the Treasure Coast and our values." - Sheriff Deryl Loar

"We are fortunate in District 54 to have the strong representation of Erin Grall! She possesses the unique combination desired by all leaders of intelligence coupled with integrity and positive energy. She takes the time to listen to both her constituents and to issues that come before her in the House of Representatives. As a native of this region and a lifelong educator (K-20), I am proud to know Erin and have her represent us in Tallahassee." - With Enthusiasm, Gerri McPherson Smith, Retired Vice-President Florida Atlantic University


"As the Clerk of Court and Comptroller for Indian River County, I know that financial responsibility faithful stewardship of taxpayer dollars is a cornerstone of prosperity. As a small business woman, employer, wife, and mother, Erin Grall is uniquely qualified to be our voice in Tallahassee. Erin will keep taxes low, continue to balance budgets, attract high quality jobs to our County, and make us proud. I'm happy to endorse her candidacy for the State House and look forward to working with her - for our community - for many years to come." - Jeff Smith, Indian River County Clerk of the Court

"As a professional golfer I have traveled all over this great country. In my profession I could live anywhere and I chose the Treasure Coast not just because I grew up here, but because it is a very special place. I support Erin Grall because I know she will work to protect our special quality of life." - Jackie Stoelting, LPGA Professional Golfer

"Erin Grall approaches every issue with a “can-do” spirit. She is an intelligent problem solver with the integrity to stand firm on her principles. I am proud to support Erin." - Pat Blackburn

"Erin Grall is honest and straightforward. She thoroughly researches each and every topic. Erin listens and is accessible. Most importantly, I trust Erin." - Ann Catchick


"I appreciate Erin for being down to earth and approachable. She has consistently given back to her community, so for her to represent our district in the Florida State House is a logical progression." - Betsy Craun


"Erin Grall has my support because she is a woman of her word, has great integrity and morals. She has shown in the past two years that she knows the issues and works hard for the people of Florida and gets results." - Millie DelGrosso


"Throughout her time in Tallahassee, Erin has made decisions that truly represent our values. She achieves this by taking the time to listen to the people she represents and doing her research. Erin Grall has our respect and our full support!" - TJ & Devon Dupuis


"Erin has done a great job representing us locally and in Tallahassee." - Tuck & Cathy Ferrell


"I plan to vote for Erin because she’s a politician I can trust – trust with my future, and the future of the place I call home! God Bless You, Erin." - Roni Fuster


"I support Erin Grall because she serves us all, not only with her intelligence and know-how, but more importantly WITH HER HEART. She has each and every one of us in her heart. She is a caring and selfless person who seeks the good of all and will fight hard to get it. I am proud to know Erin Grall and wish her the best in everything." - Gail Giacobbe


"In addition to professionalism and competence, Erin possesses character, commitment, concern, and civility." - Peter & Sharon Gorry


"We support Erin because we know her and her family to be good people. We need good people in elected office. By that, we mean people who are not in it for their own profit, but for the good of the majority of the people they serve." - Eric & Kelly Menger


"Erin Grall and her staff have a heart! She cares about her constituents and ensures that they are helped. I have no doubt that she is doing the utmost best for us. Vote Erin with no regrets!" - Rosie A. O’Malley


"Erin has very high moral character and is very intelligent. She follows her values and represents us very well." - Bill Penney


"We appreciate Erin’s support of clean water and a clean lagoon." - Charles & Chris Pope


"I support Erin for her integrity, honesty, and knowledge of the issues that affect our community. I’ve known Erin for years as a fellow member of Exchange Club of the Treasure Coast. She has a passion for protecting children and improving education for all children in the state." - Leslie Spurlock


"Her honest, rational, and hopeful insight into our community’s problems and needs and her willingness to examine the issues and listen closely to the public’s questions and concerns make her my choice. I feel that we are very lucky to be represented by this amazing woman in our Florida House of Representatives. We must re-elect her!" - Rose Spytek


"I am casting my vote again for Erin Grall in District 54 as she has now proven what we knew... she is a capable leader. Her highly successful record for the last two years in Tallahassee speaks for itself." - Bob Stork

"Erin Grall has proved to be a formidable State Representative for District 54. She has led with knowledge and integrity on the issues that keep Florida one of the freest states regarding fiscal policy, regulatory policy, and personal freedom. Erin has become one of our most effective legislators." - Linda Teetz

"Erin represents all that government can be. She is knowledgeable and committed to the citizens of our district. Erin works tirelessly to learn about all topics relevant to our citizens and is open to meeting with anyone who has ideas to better our State." - Caryn Toole


"Having known Erin personally and professionally for many years, we can say she is a woman of unquestionable integrity and genuine character. Having been raised to care for the vulnerable people in society, to love our natural environment, and be fiscally and security minded, Erin truly embodies the best of all political philosophies. We are proud to support her." - Paul & Kim Westcott


"I know Erin Grall to be a conservative working in the best interest for her District and State. Her values are rooted in conservative values and she has taken her responsibilities to her family and community seriously." - Paul Zelno

Associated Industries of Florida PAC

Citizens Against Rail Expansion - Champion


Florida Medical Association PAC

Florida Police Benevolent Association, Inc.

Florida Pro-Life PAC


Florida Professional Firefighters


Florida Realtors PAC

Florida Right to Life PAC

Foundation for Florida's Future (A+ Rating)

National Federation of Independent Business FL PAC


National Rifle Association


Treasure Coast Builders Association


United Sportsmen of Florida

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