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"Having run against Erin Grall in the Republican primary for State Representative in 2016, you might expect me to be the last person to endorse her for re-election. Quite on the contrary! In part, it is because I ran against Erin four years ago that I can personally attest to the strong character and integrity that she exhibited in that race. I can also state unequivocally how impressed I am by the manner in which she has represented our district in the Florida House.

"Erin is a true Pro-Life warrior who has championed the rights of the unborn energetically and unapologetically. She authored and co-sponsored the Parental Notice of and Consent for Abortion Act that passed the legislature and was signed into law by Gov. DeSantis, a watershed moment for the Right to Life movement in Florida. Erin has also been a strong advocate for quality education, particularly for young children.

"I could not be more proud of Erin and enthusiastically endorse her for re-election!" - Rev. Dale Glading

"Erin inspires confidence in her abilities through her diligence in examining issues and her thoughtful decision-making. A tireless worker, she puts her strong sense of values to work for the common good." - Jo Anne Barnhart


"Erin has proven her worth in Tallahassee! She has family values and does her research on the things she votes for. She always keeps her “Florida Families” first in her decisions. “How it benefits us” seems to be her motto. You go, Erin! You have my vote!" - Lois Cappelen


"Erin has served in numerous community leadership roles. This has equipped her well to understand the needs of IRC and to build a trusted network of advisors. She is a woman of her word who leads with integrity and a commitment to protect our rights." - Cynthia Falardeau


"Erin serves the citizens of the Treasure Coast very well. We need her continued tenacity to educate her fellow representatives in Tallahassee." - Joe Coakley

"Erin has done an exceptional job thus far and we need more people like her in government." - Brad Bernauer

"Erin is ethical, responsible, and supports Christian morals. Erin pushes for what she believes and gets results. Vote for Erin Grall!" - Walter & Diane Chazotte

"Erin is well qualified and knowledgeable about what is best for Florida. She has conservative ideas that work!" - Connie Webb


"I have known Erin for over 10 years, and she is stalwart in supporting issues affecting working parents and families in our community." - Tracy Carroll


"Erin’s views on life, liberty, and keeping our freedoms are in line with my views. She fights for causes that are important to FL." - Kay Leary


"Rep. Erin Grall is a champion for Florida families and parental rights. She understands that families are the heart of our state. For these reasons and many others, she has my gratitude, my support, and my vote." - Patti Sullivan

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Federation of Manufactured Home Owners of Florida

Florida Medical Association PAC


Florida Realtors PAC


Florida Right to Life PAC

Midwives Association of Florida


National Rifle Association

United Sportsmen of Florida

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