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Erin Grall Takes a Stand Against All Aboard Florida and Opposes Bond Issuance

August 22, 2015

All Aboard Florida is "Cooking the Books" and "Swindling" Taxpayers


Vero Beach, FL - Today, District 54 Republican running for State House, Erin Grall, took a stand against All Aboard Florida and announced her opposition by saying, 


"Let me make my position very clear. The only place All Aboard Florida will ever truly stop is in the wallets of hard working Floridians like you and me. Current rail projects in the State of Florida and all over the globe require massive subsidies in order to operate.  'Subsidies' is code for tax dollars.  Nothing about All Aboard Florida’s business model makes sense and you are going to get hit with the bill.  That’s merely the financial picture."


Grall went on to cite other reasons for opposition by saying, "Safety remains a primary issue.  When 32 trains per day come barreling through our town, do you think our quality of life will be the same?  Do you think all those cars waiting at crossings won’t create more congestion on our roadways? But more importantly we’re not being heard in Tallahassee. Time after time the state legislature has ignored the concerns of Treasure Coast residents while lobbyists and politicians far from our homes make critical decisions on our future quality of life."


Grall concluded by saying, "Everything about the All Aboard Florida deal is bad for Vero Beach and Sebastian; bad for Indian River and St. Lucie Counties; and bad for the rest of Florida."



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